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Evelyn Chen is a rising senior at Newport High School, where she is an avid member of the speech and debate team and theatre program. She is extremely passionate about empowering women and minorities and, in the future, hopes to maintain this passion while pursuing a degree in business or economics. 

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Lucy Waggoner is a rising senior at Seattle Academy. She loves to play guitar,  paint, and write. She hopes to learn more about human trafficking in Washington and further abroad and, in the process, better inform her communities.


Sheridan Moore is a college freshman at Pacific Lutheran University.  She is majoring in Global Studies, and participating in PLU's International Honors Program.  She hopes to persue a career in foreign service, and continue to combat the global issue of Human Trafficking. 

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Local Labor Trafficking: Awareness and Prevention (LLTAP) is a project based in Snohomish County, Washington, to bring awareness to the prevalence of forced labor in the community.  LLTAP's main goal is to educate high school students about what THEY can do to help spread awareness, and combat Labor Trafficking in their lives.    


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