This presentation was created due to a lack of awareness for local Labor Trafficking in Snohomish County.  Organizations such as Seattle Against Slavery do presentations on Human Trafficking for students in King County schools, but there was a huge lack in Snohomish County.  Additionally, while most anti-Trafficking education for youth focuses on Sex Trafficking, Labor Trafficking is an equally prevalent issue that students should also be aware of.  The LLTAP presentation gives an overview of multiple types of Human Trafficking, compares and contrasts some similarities and differences, and then delves into an in-depth discussion of what Labor Trafficking looks like in our community.



Local Labor Trafficking: Awareness and Prevention (LLTAP) is a project based in Snohomish County, Washington, to bring awareness to the prevalence of forced labor in the community.  LLTAP's main goal is to educate high school students about what THEY can do to help spread awareness, and combat Labor Trafficking in their lives.    



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